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You Deserve Best Quality

We continue to serve our existing customers with top notch service. At present we are working to capacity providing services to our many customers at a high level of quality.

To guarantee those high standards we are limiting new business. For advising, consulting, demos, contact Nagesh, 99 000 44332.

THANK YOU IIJS Visitors! Send us your RTV's

Many many thanks to the hundreds of visitors to our stall, it made a big difference for us to be in the Machinery Hall. For those of you just discovering HD Pattern, we welcome your interest and are here to support your inquiries and needs. Come to Bangalore for a demo or send us a clear RTV and we'll return it with a cured pattern for your trials.

As noted to many of you, please contact Nagesh to send us your clear, clean RTV moulds and we'll make sample patterns for you to cast, then you'll be convinced of HD's value.

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HD Still a Great Advantage

Despite the changes in Rupee-to-Dollar exchange rate, and RBI's limitations on gold, the HD Liquid, when evaluated in the context of the whole workflow, is still, and perhaps even especially, an advantage in times when every speck of gold and time expended in manufacturing matters. Run the numbers, you'll see that it's still worthwhile to Go HD!

The Revolutionary Polymer is Here!

For the first time, the High Definition Pattern light-curing polymer system is available for jewellery
manufacturers in India.

Patented in the U.S. by Victor Joyner, you can now obtain it here through exclusive distributor KNS India.

Personal demonstrations of this remarkable process are available by emailing Nagesh.

Lighter Pieces, Lower Metal Loss, Faster Turn

For conventional lost-wax jewellery casters, the benefits of the HD Pattern system have to be seen to be believed. From small workshop setup to high volume manufacturing, HD Pattern is the process you need to achieve exceptional quality and high-resolution patterns. Call Nagesh in India now at 99000 44332.