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The Inventor and High Definition Pattern Story

Victor Joyner, inventor of HD PatternThe limitations of injection wax led Victor Joyner, a manufacturing jeweller based in Chicago, to the invention of the High Definition (HD) Pattern. In close cooperation with CAD-designers and professional casters, he spent years on developing and perfecting the HD Pattern system.

At the heart of the process lies the HD liquid polymer, a technological breakthrough that replaces injection wax as a model material and excels with exceptional detail and complex designs. Since HD remains a liquid until cured with a special calibrated curing light, there is no longer a race to fill a mould before the wax solidifies.

HD features a combination of accuracy, consistency, flexibility, durability, wax compatibility, and economy that allows the modern artisan and jewellery manufacturer to achieve the latest in design and pattern making technologies in ways previously impossible.

On the Stuller (US jewelry company) website, a new (March, 2013) Flash video shows "Vic Joyner, the creator of HD Patterns, takes you through an extensive demonstration of what HD Patterns could do for you."

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