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Start of a new era for jewellery casters in Mumbai

Bangalore, Karnataka (June 25, 2012)--"HD Pattern invites all visitors of the India International Jewellery Show (IIJS), August 23-27, 2012, to visit us in Stall AL5EX036 II, in the Allied Section" says National Sales Manager Nagesh Boraiah.

"If the turnout of interest in how to make light-weight jewellery with reduced metal-loss and faster lead time is like it was in Jaipur in December, we will be very busy with demos, indeed", Boraiah said. HD Pattern technology made its Indian jewellery trade show debut in Jaipur in December 2011.

The HD Pattern process substitutes a light-curing polymer for traditional wax in the casting process, along with proprietary curing equipment, enabling much finer detail and less post- casting work, resulting in higher profits for the traditional jewellery caster.

"We see from the amount of orders and follow-ups that Indian jewellery manufacturers are ready for the latest technology, and we can hardly wait to show the benefits of this process to manufacturing professionals in the Kolkata area", says marketing manager David Nuss. "When the tool division of KNS Consulting India negotiated the exclusive distributorship, we had no idea how excited the market would be about our products, and we're pleased", he remarked.

HD Pattern is a patented process invented by Victor Joyner, an American inventor and jewellery expert who has revolutionized the traditional precious metal casting process.

Contact us to find out more about the product, getting demos, and how it fits into your large or small production environment.

Contact: Nagesh Boraiah, National Sales Manager, at 99000 44332

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